Sunday, October 19, 2008

Projecto Artístico @ UCP

After enrolling at FBAUP - Design de Comunicação last year, an experience that was fruitful in more ways than one, i decided to return to UCP - Escola das Artes to finish my BA in Som e Imagem. The main reason is of a practical nature: the credits i had from the courses i did at UCP the first time around mean i only have one school year (2 courses) until i receive the BA. One of those courses is called "Projecto Artístico" (literally meaning "Artistic Project"), within which i could choose between audio, multimedia or video. Being knee deep in personal audio work, i opted for multimedia so as to diversify a little, something i've always tried to do.

The brief (for the whole course, 2 semesters) asks us to elaborate critically on the theme "Máquina de Sonhos" ("Dream Machine"). I'm working with 2 colleagues in a project for an online dream sharing community, with a strong emphasis in the day-to-day ease of use of the whole system - in this case through the design of a hardware device that interfaces between the user's dream/bedroom and her/his profile in the community website.

We started a blog for the project. It's in portuguese for the time being, with selected content possibly translated in the future. Most posts can be understood by their titles and the links they contain, so i hope visits from international viewers might be worth their while.

More news soon!

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